On this day in Yorkshire- July 23rd 1994 The Forbidden Corner opens to the public

The Forbidden corner has provided pleasure to adults and children since 1994: Picture credit: wikipedia creative commons Immanuel Giel

This unique tourist attraction at Coverdale in the Yorkshire Dales started life as a small wood in the late 1970s, which acted as a windbreak to nearby Tupgill Hall. Owner, Colin Armstrong, along with Malcolm Tempest gradually  expanded the site  to make it the tourist attraction we know today. A bower was created in 1989, to give views over Coverdale and then a grotto added in 1991. A random phone call from the University of Hull, who had heard about this beautiful spot in the Dales asked whether they could visit. Such was the success of this trip, the decision was taken to open to the public. On 23rd July 1994 The Forbidden Corner was opened to the paying public for the first time. Over time a ticket office, cafe and Face tower were built. the attraction really took off and by 1998 it was attracting 80,000 people a year. Nowadays the forbidden corner is a maze of paths, tunnels, with lots of surprises hidden around every corner. It all started 22 years ago.