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About us

I’m From Yorkshire was established in 2016 with the sole purpose of creating pride in God’s Own County through the fastest growing, and largest, Yorkshire community page on Facebook. We love where we’re from, and want everyone to love it just the same.

Our Facebook page connects over 320,000 tykes right around the world by posting photos and videos sent in by fellow Yorkshire folk, light-hearted news stories, and funnies… owt we ‘appen would instill abit o’ pride in God’s own County.

Like you, we don’t stand for any nonsense – it’s a safe, friendly place online for you to share your memories and read other people’s. Friends have been made, and old friends have been found all over the world. It’s a pretty special thing.

Yorkshire’s not just vistas and views, the cities are vibrant, wonderfully multi-cultural, and exciting places to be. The coastline is ecologically diverse, geologically beautiful, and historically important. There’s also the national parks which are the envy of the world. You’ll find a view in every direction, with every footstep – you’ve just gorra gerrout there an’ tek a look fo’ yasen!

Aye, it’s grand bein’ from Yorkshire!

Of course, we have bills to pay…

So we created a range of Yorkshire related products that have proven pretty popular. It’s great quality stuff an’ all – most of it finished right here in God’s Own County.

You’ll find exclusive Embroidered Polos, Yorkshire T Shirts, Sweatshirts, Hats, and Jackets. There’s also Gifts, Flags, and Yorkshire Books written by Yorkshire Folk.

The main aim as a business is to promote pride in Yorkshire for those who know where they’re from but sometimes forget. There are many ex-pat members from all 3 Ridings now covering the 4 corners of the globe. Even resident Yorkshire folk forget to look up and take notice of what’s surrounding them. But not if we can ‘elp it!

We’re based in Wakefield, Ossett to be exact, in West Yorkshire just off the M1. We share a building with our friends and sponsors XAMAX, a Yorkshire based PPE, Workwear, and Promotional Clothing company who kindly help us create our clothing ranges, and give us in-house support, expertise, and clothing manufacturing facilities. They even provide us with an office dog, Darwin. Daft as a brush that hound, and loves a good scratch behind his ears.

Darwin (office scrounger) with his flat cap on

If tha needs us, tha can find us on:

Or contact us here

Sorry but we’re no longer able to accept visits or telephone orders.

I’m From Yorkshire is a trading name of I’m From Limited (reg: 09585716).

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