It’s Reight

He remembers the rations in war and how they survived and grew despite having very little.

Wen tha puts butter on thi bread,
An meks er pot er tea,
As tha ivver thowt o sed,
Worrit used t be.
An towld thi kids wot wid get,
In them days joorint war,
The’ll ardly believe it orl an yet,
Wi eked it art s far.
Two ounce er butter forra week,
A kwarter er margarine,
As foh friuit tha mussent speak,
In them days s mean.
A jar er jam it worra treat,
Wi just one ounce er lard,
An worrabart six ounce er meat,
Ont ould ration card !
Thi weekly sugar aife er pound,
Thad get two ounce er tea,
It wornt er lot t spread ararnd,
A think tha will agree.
But, tha seez, wi pull’d t’gether,
Wi ad that common tuch,
Wen nar a often wunder wether,
A wi spoilt wi far too much.

— John Davison