John describes the importance of having a conscience.

It’s nice to have a conscience,
With thoughts of only green,
To have our rivers sparkling,
And atmosphere all serene.
To have no smoking chimneys,
No chopping down of trees,
Say no to prime development,
Where breed the birds and bees.
To have a sea of turbines,
By wind and not by steam,
Controlled by remote computer,
A green promoters dream.
To make thousands of youngsters,
Between sixteen and twenty five,
A pristine place to live in,
Yet most miserable alive !
Paying the price of conscience,
Hopelessness their role,
Who now see green as only,
An existence on the dole.
Quite different to parts of Asia,
Where green is but a paint,
With heavy industry booming,
And conscience no restraint !

— John Davison