Friendlier Ways

John relives memories of his younger years before we had the technology that we have today.

If tha thinks er yeers ago,
Ar did wi mannij, duz tha noe,?
Polishin t’stove wi t’ould black lead,
An tekkin t’oven shelf t bed;
T wash int day wi woh scarcely able,
An wid scrub ar shirts ont kitchin table.
Wid ang ar cloze rarnd t’coil fire,
We dint av er quick spin drier.
An tha will rimember if tha tries,
That sticky tape foh catchin flies.
Ar mats dint guh from wall t wall,
Weead mostly oil cloth , that worrorl.
An t’ life foh t’wimmin wornt s tender,
Rimember t’brasso on t’kitchin fender?
The woh no telly in t’corner then,
To t’penny matni thad tek thi sen,
But wen tha luks back on them days,
Dunt tha think weead friendlier ways ?

— John Davison