On this day in Yorkshire – 9th September 1875: Wainhouse Tower is opened in Halifax

Standing tall over the town of Halifax, Wainhouse Tower is an unusual feature. Built by John Edward Wainhouse, this 275m structure was intended to be a chimney for a local dye works. However, things did not quite go to plan. By the time the chimney had been built and opened in 1875, the dye works had already been sold. The new owners wanted nothing to do with the eyesore that Wainhouse had built, so he kept it for himself as an observatory. He did succeed in one thing though-  annoy his neighbour and enemy, Sir Henry Edwards, who once boasted he had the most “private grounds in Halifax.”.. That is until his 275m folly was built overlooking his garden!

Cover picture credit: Picture credit James Brook (IFY community)