On this day in Yorkshire 14th August 1967- Radio 270, Yorkshire’s only pirate radio makes its final broadcast.

The turbulent history of Radio 270 started on April Fool’s Day 1966, when the station started broadcasting four miles off the coast of Scarborough and Bridlington. On its first day, the aerial and mast of the boat were blown off in a gale, meaning they could not broadcast for a further two months. Finally on 4th June 1966, the station known as Radio Yorkshire began broadcasting from their boat, The Oceaan 7 from the North Sea, covering most of the Ridings, Lincolnshire and the North East. Yorkshire had finally entered the 60s pop music pirate radio craze. The station had to change their name  to Radio 270, after its frequency when a Leeds company had also registered the same name. In November 1966, the ship encountered a storm, with many DJs fearing for their lives as the mast was ripped off and the anchors cut, sending the ship into freefall across the sea. Once the storm had calmed down, several DJs were interviewed and then sacked after saying they felt unsafe on board the boat!

By 1967 the writing was on the wall for Radio 270 and pirate radios throughout the British coastline with the passing of the “Marine Broadcasting Offences Act,” which prohibited offshore broadcasting. This came into effect on 14th August 1967, meaning that Radio 270 were forced to make their final broadcast. The final few minutes of its time on air can be heard below.



Cover picture credit: pixabay creative commons 0