Washin Day,

John describes his memory of the dreaded washing day, the flat iron and baking bread.

Duz tha rimember t’ould washin day?
It woh torture anno tha will say,
Tha noes wohr a mean;
Very ard work t get thi cloaz clean,
An ow y wud wrangle,
Abart ood turn that mangle,
An wen ovvert poss tub,
Rubbin boord thad scrub,
Up ‘n’ darn tha must push,
Thiowld scrubbing brush,
But thall rimember this best,
Wen t get thi cloaz prest,
Orl thad rely on,
Wot evvi flat iron,
Wich ont ob wud sit,
Anonit that spit,
Cos that’s orl thad got,
T seef it worrot.
But tha dint guh t bed,
Not streit away,
Thad av t bake bread,
At ender that day.
A noe this is ‘oary,
Burrits er very true story.

— John Davison