Recipe For Life

He describes life as a recipe and the ingredients that make it.

Take a large bowl and mankind as a whole,
Pour in one ocean of love,
Sprinkle with reason and compassion to season,
And fairness mixed with the above.

Over honesty’s fire stir all you desire,
Add one cargo of smiles,
Blend urges to roam with comforts of home,
And one dose of trouble free stiles.

Fireside chats with sweet bric-a-bracs,
One measure of tolerance for others,
The warmth of a hand, grit from earth’s sand,
And happiness too for all brothers.

Blend courage and breath to face up to death,
For life brews tragedy’s care,
As it works and ferments appear arguments,
Misery too is in there.

Yet stir it all in, even hatred and sin,
For to the surface all evilness comes,
Take the good knife and scrape off the strife,
And remove all poisonous scums.

For to make life complete mix sour with sweet,
Some blends can often be void,
But should the mixture be right life can be quite,
A dish to be really enjoyed.

— John Davison