Mountin er Coil

John describes what we wouldn’t be able to do without coal, it’s a big part of our lives and no matter where we go coal and the history of it will always be there.

Wot will tha do wen t’oil runs art?
An t’gas pipe puffs its last,
Wen tha cud bi back tert oss ‘n’ cart,
Anorl tha knew is past.
No moor jaunts onner flash jet plane,
O posh ferry ovvert sea,
O tek thi famli onner diesel train,
An wen thi car’s no use t thee.
An yit, tha noes, it weint orl bi bad,
Wiart natchral gas an oil,
Thee just luk under thi bed , ould lad,
Thaz laid onner mountin er coil!

— John Davison