On this day in Yorkshire, August 22nd 1485- The War of the Roses ends with the battle of Bosworth Field.

It is a day perhaps that most Yorkies may want to forget, but is still significant milestone in the county’s history. The Battle of Bosworth Field, in which King Richard III of York was killed, signalling the final act of the War of the Roses and alas to say..a Lancastrian victory. Supported by a branch of the House of Lancaster, Henry VII (Tudor) claimed the English throne, destroying the House of York’s claims and establishing a new British royal dynasty. Richard III was the last of the Plantagenet kings and monarch to die in battle. The fallen king was not returned to his native Yorkshire, but was buried in Leicester at the Greyfriars church. Famously his skeleton was discovered in a car park on the site of the old friary in 2011 and is now buried  at Leicester Cathedral.

Cover image credit: Phillip James de Loutherberg wikipedia Public domain.