On this day in Yorkshire 28th September 1836. Toilet pioneer has his first watery experience

Toilet pioneer, Thomas Crapper was baptised on 28th Sept 1836 in Thorne near Doncaster. He would go on to make several important innovations, which would form the basis of the modern toilet.

The most important Crapper invention was the ball cock and flushing system which exists today. He managed to revitalise a long forgotten invention which had been pioneered in the 16th Century.

Crapper set up his showroom in Chelsea, London, in a time when it was thought that having a lavatory indoors was unhygenic and rarely talked about in polite society. His showroom on the Kings Road, at the time, would have been shocking! Throughout the Victorian Times and a growing consciousness of hygiene and cleanliness, the Crapper brand grew into a worldwide success.

In 1880, Prince Edward (the future Edward VII) appointed Crapper to install all the fixtures and fittings at the newly built Sandringham House. Crapper toilets can still be found all over the world, most notably at Westminster Abbey.

Cover picture credit: Pauline E geograph wikipedia creative commons.