On this Day in Yorkshire 15th August 1908- Huddersfield Town FC are formed

Huddersfield is the birthplace of rugby league and so it took a while for the round ball game to catch on in the town. By 1908, however there were calls for an association football team to be formed. Rejected by the rugby club in Fartown, Huddersfield Town had to make their home ground on the Leeds Road Recreation fields instead. On 15th August 1908 the club were officially registered by chairman, Hilton Crowther and played their first match on 2nd September against Bradford Park Avenue. With just £500 capital, the ground had no changing rooms, and the pitch was notoriously muddy. A reconstructed stadium by Archibald Leitch and entry into the Football League failed to capture the town’s imagination and the club slowly sank into liquidation in 1912. It was not until the mid-1920s when the Terriers famously won three league titles in a row that football was firmly established in Huddersfield.

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