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Aiskew is a village in North Yorkshire, originally North Riding. It’s a civil parish of Aiskew and Leeming Bar, which is in the Hambleton district. As of the 2011 census, it’s reported that there are 2,427 residents.

Listed Buildings in Aiskew

The Leech House. Image Credit: Britain Express

There are three Grade II listed buildings in this North Riding village. One of these is the Signal Box, which is located opposite the Park House.

Aiskew also has The Leech House next to the beck, which dates back to the 18th century. Another 18th century Grade II listed building is the Water Mill, which still has its original wooden machinery.

Masons Gin

Masons Gin, also known as Masons of Yorkshire, is an award-winning Yorkshire gin company who originally distilled their gin in Aiskew. The Mason family developed their brand in 2012 and a year later on world gin day – 13th June 2013 – they launched their first gin.

In 2019, disaster struck for the family run Yorkshire business when one of their gin stills exploded and caused a fire. Luckily, everyone was safe and there were no injuries. However, the building was badly damaged. As a result, the Aiskew gin company moved to close by Leeming Bar.

Soon after they moved into their new premises, the pandemic hit, which put a stop to their plans. During this time, Masons gin manufactured hand sanitiser, which they donated to RAF Leeming along with businesses in Bedale.

Since 2017, this Yorkshire business has been winning awards such as the San Francisco World Spirits Competition. In total, they have won over 50 international awards for their gins, including the 2019 International Wine and Spirit Competition, where their Gin Tea edition won a gold award of which they have given only eight across the world.

Education in Aiskew

Aiskew is within the catchment area of the Bedale Church of England Primary School and the Leeming Bar Church of England Primary School. For secondary education, pupils typically attend Bedale High School.

Religion in Aiskew

St Mary & Joseph Church. Image Credit: David Dixon, Geograph

The main catholic church within Aiskew is the St Mary & St Joseph Church. It was built in 1978 after an increase in attendees made the original chapel too small for the congregation. The new church was designed by George Goldie of London.

Previously, there had been a Baptist and Methodist chapel however, these closed. When the Methodist church closed, its worshippers merged with the Bedale & District Methodist Church.

Travelling In & Out of Aiskew

Aiskew has 6 bus routes that travel through the village. It connects it to Bedale, Northallerton, Leeming, Stokesley, and Gayle.

On the Aiskew side of Bedale beck along the edge of the village is Bedale Railway Station. This is situated along the Wensleydale Railway, which is a tourist and heritage site.

History of Aiskew

Aiskew in 1900. Image Credit: The Francis Frith Collection

In the 1086 Domesday book, Aiskew is recorded a ‘Echescol’, which is thought to have been the name of the lord of the manor. A previous lord of the village was Gospatric, who owned the village which comprised of 7 ploughlands.

The name Aiskew is Old Norse and would have been spelt ‘Eik’, meaning oak, and ‘skogr’, meaning wood. This means that Aiskew was referred to as ‘Oak Wood’.

In 2015, the remains of a Roman villa were found just north of Sand Hill in the village. It’s thought to be two storeys high and contained a hypocaust – a room below the building which circulates warm air to keep the building warm. It’s also believed to date back to 4th century AD.

This Roman site was covered as part of the A1(M) upgrade, which included the Bedale, Aiskew, and Leeming Bar by-pass.