Yorkshire through the eyes of youth.

Why would people stay in Yorkshire if they have the opportunities to live the “glamorous” life in London, NYC or even Los Angeles? Without the people of Yorkshire would the world be the same?

Without Joseph Priestly we wouldn’t know that the air we breathe is oxygen. Without Harry Brearley- the inventor of Stainless Steel, many industry workers would be in trouble and would not have the resources they need in day to day life. Without Perry Shaws invention of the “cateyes” we as drivers would not have the safety we desire. Up until Helen Sharman a Brit had never been into space. If we didn’t have the Bronte sisters, we would not have had the chance to witness their amazing stories come to life in their novels. And of course without William Wilberforce we could today still be facing issues with slavery.

My Point is:
There have been so many influential people that have come from Yorkshire that have impacted the world in some way, so why stop there?
Young people need to be proud of their county, take advantage of the surroundings, and be inspired by the “good ol’ Yorkshire folk”. I mean if all these inspiring people could have impacted the world with lesser resources. Then why can’t we? Yorkshire is called “Gods Own County” for a reason, we as Yorkies should dominate the country, showing off our incredible landscapes, amazing food, historical towns and of course, the heart of Yorkshire- the people!

Young people of Yorkshire are putting their best foot forward. For example: Jessica Ennis winning gold in the 2012 London Olympics as well as so many others, that if Yorkshire was entered into the 2012 Olympics in its own right, we would have been 12th in the overall medal table, beating countries such as: Netherlands, New Zealand and Cuba.
This is just the start for the young people of Yorkshire. You don’t have to be good at sport or even performing arts. Whatever field you see yourself in, take it in your stride and become a force to be reckoned with.
You are the future of Yorkshire.
Show us what you have got!

Jeesica Ennis
Jessica Ennis


Written by: Meg Salter
Twitter: SalterMeg
Blog site: www.notlabelled.weebly.com