Yorkshire Lass in Cornwall

I miss Yorkshire, I never thought I would, but I do and having tasted life amongst people from other parts of the country, I realise now how much my home county means to me and how proud I am of being Yorkshire.

When I was seventeen, I yearned for a better life than the one my home town could offer me so I went to Newquay in Cornwall in the summer of 67 to be a ‘season worker’.and I loved it so much I stayed.

I was so desperate to rid myself of the ’northerner’ title that I tried hard to fit in with the Cornish, I wanted to be Cornish, I wanted to think like them, to act like them to be like them, I didn’t want to be Yorkshire anymore, I didn’t even like being Yorkshire, I almost felt ashamed of being a ‘northerner’ especially a Yorkshire one.

However, I moved back to Yorkshire in the 70’s, for what was to be a short 6 month break and also to earn myself some extra money so I could go back and buy my own flat ,(it was hard to make ends meet in Cornwall) but I never went back…. I met and married a Yorkshire lad, and settled down to life in my old home town of Doncaster but I never felt that I fit in anymore because I had learnt to live as a southerner, so now I was neither north nor south.

My husband died in 2001, and a few years later I met and married a man from Lancashire !! You can imagine the jokes and jibes about that, Yorkshire lass marries Lancashire lad, and to make it worse, I went to live in Lancashire where the folk there had the same view but in reverse. (all in good humour of course). I have to say that I did actually like living in Lancashire and was prepared to settle down there but my old dream of returning to my spiritual home and beloved Cornwall was never far away and so we set off for a life back in the south.

I love living in Cornwall, I love the open air, the sea, the freedom, the slower pace of life and peace of mind I find here but I’m different now, I no longer feel ‘inferior’ to the southerners as I did in my youth, now I know who I am and I am proud of it, I no longer want to be Cornish, I want to be who I was born to be, a Yorkshire lass, loud and proud.

( items from my Yorkshire father )

I have lots of memories of Yorkshire humour and attitudes to life, mainly from my father who turns 90 this year, he has a wealth of information on life gone by and many funny Yorkshire stories, so when I told him about writing for this page, he immediately asked if I knew the Yorkshire anthem, when I said no, he recited it to me along with a Yorkshire ‘toast’, and the Yorkshire prayer. Of coarse as soon as he told me I remembered them from my past and so I thought I would pass them on and see if anyone else knows about or remembers these three very Yorkshire sayings

 Written By Dany Sherlock Park