Worrabart Thee

John informs us of the local pub he has great memories of has been shut down and wonders why. He questions the new smoking laws and increase in the price of beer, coming to the conclusion that pubs are doomed.

Nar thi local pub is boorded up,
Once er grand place t sit ‘n’ sup,
Weddins, birthdays an funral teas,
Just t’place foh do’s like these,
Why a pubs closin, wohr is t’corz?
Cud bi t’anti smoking laws,
Smokers int pub it’s logicly plain,
Dunt want t bi chucked art int rain!
Live ‘n’ let live shud bi ar motto,
Lerra bloke smoke az e gets blotto,
Geeim er smoke room like days of ould,
Dunt chuck im art int freezing cowld;
Am norrer smoker dunt think that,
Just an oppen minded demorcrat,
An t’prices dunt bring much cheer,
Ovver three quid forrer pint er beer!
Wurry foh landlords cuts still deeper,
Beer int shops is so much cheaper!
Thinkert tradition of ar four nations,
Wiv ad public ‘ouses foh generations,
Robin Hood int days er yore,
Enjoyed er pint int ould Blue Boar,
But things av changed, pubs er doomed,
Worriver t’reason economicly gloomed,
Sum’ll corl it progress, see,
A noe wohr ar think, worrabart thee?.

— John Davison