The Yorkshire Dales are set to get bigger! (and even includes Lancashire)



August 1st  is set to have extra resonance amongst us Yorkshire folk this year. That is because the Yorkshire Dales National Park is set to expand even more thanks to a Government decision to increase this area of outstanding natural beauty. The Dales are set to be expanded by 24% on Yorkshire Day and grow from 1,762 sq km to 2,179 sq km. The new land brought under National Park status will incorporate 27% more land in Cumbria and for the first time invade 1% of Lancashire. The new boundaries of the area will now take in more natural features such as Orton Fells, Wild Boar Fell and peaks to the West of the River Lune. Being within the boundaries of a national park means that the area is protected with special laws to encourage the preservation and understanding of the area’s natural beauty. It also means there will be more places to have a picnic this summer!


Yorkshire dales craig town
The Yorkshire Dales National Park is set to expand and include more scenery like this. Source: Craig Town photography (IFY community).



Featured image Source: Lord Harris Wikipedia Creative Commons

Written source: Business desk