The Australian-Yorkshire Lad.

In 1995 yet another Yorkshireman was born. Out of the Hospital he left with his parents to be
assigned his city, and by association, his colours. Each and every city has their football team and
wears its colours with pride. For the first 7 years of his life he was raised a supporter through and
through, for his family have been supporters of the very same team for generations, and so it would
be carried on. But with life comes change and as the years passed it came time to make the big
immigration, to the opposite end of the world, the land down under in which his teams name is
scarcely uttered amongst the masses, with knowledge that rarely stretches beyond that of the
Premier League giants. This supporter wore his colours on the airplane to begin his new life in
Australia, he may be gone, but he knows where his heart lies.

I am this individual, now pushing the age of 20 years old and still as strong of a supporter as I was
raised to be in the first 7 years of my life. Here in Australia my Father and I have battled against the
turmoils of attempting internet streaming of the games that never make it onto television here in
Australia and downloaded apps to keep updated. Many times have I found myself sitting in my bed
at 2:30am waiting for my Iphone App to “Ping” as a goal has gone one way or the other. We have
subscribed to newsletters and whenever we call home we ask to hear the finest details of every
match. But none of these efforts will ever match the tenacity, excitement and atmosphere of being
in that stadium, side by side with your fellow supporters, chanting and singing your team along.

For 16 long years my Father and I had suffered the inability to watch our team play. Still to this day I
wear my Jersey to the Australian football matches, refuse to drink my tea out of anything but the
mug I have with our crest and name plastered across it. Combat my Australian friends in FIFA
matches and regardless of their choice of team, they always know the team I am inevitably going to
pick. This is the life of an Australian-Yorkshire lad keeping his support alive from 9442 miles away.

Though upon completing High School and readying for university, I decided it was time for my
second trip home in 16 years. Of course it was to be perfectly timed. For months I saved and saved,
constantly waiting for the season’s table to be posted in order for me to pick the right game to be
home for. Then finally I saw it, the game I simply had to be there to see. And with that, my tickets
were booked and I was off and away, on my journey back to where it all began.

Though a long and arduous flight, one thing was on my mind and one thing only. I arrived at the
airport with my jersey hidden beneath layers of jackets; coming from the Australian summer was
bound to be a shock. I was welcomed with open arms by people who are not only my beloved
family, but my fellow supporters. I had a week and a half till the match was upon us, so I took this
time to wonder and explore the city I knew so little about but somehow loved so much. As the days
passed the sense of home settled comfortably within me. Seeing the colours I hold so dear
wondering the streets was surreal coming from a place in which they are rarely known.

At last the time had come, the match of the season. The Yorkshire Derby I had specifically chosen to
be my game to witness, in the flesh. It was January 11, not an overly cold Saturday afternoon. My
uncle and I had a beer or two in the Pub in anticipation of the match to come. As the 12:15 kick off
drew near we started off towards the stadium, a sea of matching colours marching as one. Through
the turnstiles and into the main Stand and I found row 28, seat 156.

The first half of the game we were leading by 2 goals, I couldn’t believe my luck! My first home game
in years and it was looking like a win, But as the match pressed on my day only got better. The
second half was an overwhelming goal after goal show, leading to an ecstatic end result of 6-0. The
mighty blue and white had done it. Sheffield Wednesday takes the biggest win again Leeds United
since 1995, my birth year. Unbeknownst to me I must have been one hell of a good omen.
This could have been any Yorkshireman talking about any one of the teams in the county, we all
share the same common ground in our love and pride in our teams. This is what makes Yorkshire
what it is, what makes me miss it so much and what ultimately is drawing me back in the near

Written By Jack Kingsland-Wills.

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