Not Here,

John describes wanting the luxuries of industry but not wanting the negatives that comes with them.

You must build a reservoir,
I need water ‘constantlee’,
But I insist you flood afar,
Lest I petition thee.

You must build a fine airport,
I need to fly you see,
But build it on another’s court,
No noise I wish near me.

You must build a motorway,
I must motor ‘speedilee’,
But dig and rive up other soil,
No traffic shall come by me.

You must drill for gas or oil,
I will have ‘energee’,
No land near me shall you spoil,
With heavy ‘industree’.

You must build a fine hotel,
I need a glass to cheer.
So building one is very well,
But do not build it here.

Now other projects you must plan,
And to build them I agree,
For the needs of every man,
But do not build near me.

— John Davison