Meg’s Pups

He relives his memories of when Meg, their Fox Terrier, was having puppies in the kitchen.

What a different world it was when I was a boy!

For instance I remember in nineteen thirty four { I was five } when Meg our Fox Terrier was having pups in the back kitchen. Mam kept walking to the window and peer out and say; “oh yes, here comes another one,” and there was I running to the window with great expectancy, only to see nothing, and then as if by magic there was another pup in the box with Meg, and so on and so on until all seven pups were ‘mysteriously’ born.

It wouldn’t do for me to see how the pups actually came into the world! Of course it was very narrow minded of Mam, but when I see and hear all the goings on of today, then I’m forced to wonder if a little narrow mindedness might not be such a bad thing.

— John Davison