Lukkin Back

He compares the trips he had when he was young to the current younger generation.

Wen tha lissens t young’uns nar,
On weer the’ve bin an ow far,
It meks thi think ov wen thad skip,
Darn thi street t goo ont trip.
Tha noes wot trip a mean,
Reight t Cleethorpes, worrer scene !
Wi t’clean shirt an t’prest coller,
Wen tha went tha gohr aife er doller,*
Aife er doller t thissen !
Itterdbi a year bifoor thad goo agen.
Na t’young’uns a dunt wish t scorn,
Oani t seh the dunt noe the born !

*12- 1/2P from the Club.

— John Davison