Introducing ‘The Cones’ and their author ‘Chris Madeley’

Chris has always enjoyed words, books and writing for as long as she can remember.  Having been brought up in a family which did not possess a television, she was well used to making her own entertainment and with a very fertile imagination and a preference for her own company, she immersed herself in the world of make-believe and fantasy.

Throughout Chris’ school life she developed a great love and respect for the written word and reading and writing featured right at the top of her favourites list.

Hardly surprising that her career took her into working with English and led her to some very interesting Executive P.A. posts in several major well-known companies.

After a career break to have her family, Chris went back to work part-time and after training changed disciplines to work as an Independent Financial Adviser.  It was during this time that she received the inspiration for writing The Cones.

Chris spent many a long hour on the M1 motorway with her husband Keith as they travelled from their main office in Bradford to their company’s branch office in Hertfordshire and guess what happened? Yes, they sat in road works surrounded by miles and miles of CONES!  Thus, the conecept (no, not a typo!) of Cones coming alive and having adventures was born.

The cones
The cones

There had to be a beginning, so the magic was introduced.  We have to have a good guy, so meet Police Car.  There HAS to be a baddie, so on stage comes Cone Collector (Cones don’t like to be stacked because they can’t go off and have fun!).  There has to be a guardian, so we have Wise Owl, who is best friends with Police Car and there has to be helpful mischief so in comes New Moon.  The Cones have Cone names and there is a Cone “language.”  We meet the first two of the four friends in “Meet The Cones,” and quickly the other two join them.  From this point they learn road safety, why Cones are needed and are a force for good, they learn to have adventures without malice, manners, the importance of friendship and respecting others but above all, how to behave like good Cones and keep children safe.  Road safety, safe speed, safety around water, electricity, wet floors, railways, road-building and building sites etc are all the order of the day for Cones.

They live by strict rules, the most important of which is : when a human eye looks at a Cone, they are just Cones: no eyes, no hands, no faces,  no voices – just Cones.  It is only when the human eye looks away that adventures can happen . . . and they do!  – and to prove it there are another 17 books written with outline plans for many more subjects.

The Cone language helps young writers and readers learn the ever-difficult concept of where do we put the “magic” ‘e’? So, the Cones are called Conestance, Conerad, Conen and Cone-Vera (just because it sounds good and has determined the characteristics of its owner).  They all have very sturdy characteristics which Chris has refined over a period of time.  Chris studied and became a qualified Myers Briggs Practitioner (psychometric profiling) in 2005 and has applied her knowledge to the Cones characters across the board to ensure consistency.

The young Cones are fascinated by human behavior and this often gets them into some rather sticky situations, but they are on a learning curve to becoming good Cones, so every little lesson helps.

Chris would really enjoy a ‘coneference’ to discuss the ‘conecept’ in more depth and hopes that you will come to the ‘coneclusion’ that the four friends are worthy of further ‘conesideration!’

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