History meets technology!

Written by Viktor Mitruk

A new app developed by businesses in Helmsley has given walkers in the town a new lease of life.

The iFootpath project in collaboration with Ryedale District Council enables users to navigate their way around five local walks and help them explore the historical side of this beautiful town. The featured trails are:

  • Helmsley and Beck dale approx 6.5 miles
  • Helmsley and Riccal Dale 8 miles
  • Helmsley and Rievaulx Abbey 7 miles
  • Helmsley and the River Rye 4 miles
  • Helmsley Discovery Trial 1 miles

The app is compatible for both Apple and Android phones, so is accessible to most smartphone users.

iFootpath can make your walk more easier and enjoyable. The walking guide on the app contains maps, photos and written instructions, so you can never get lost! The best thing is that you do not need a signal for using iFootpath either. Walkers can choose to go for a longer walk, or just a nice easy stroll around the Helmsley Discovery Trail.

It enables both visitors and locals to discover the rich history of this North Yorkshire market town. There are also plenty of opportunities to rest your weary legs at a host of hospitality venues, including a world class spa.

The chairman of Helmsley in Business, Carolyn Frank said: “We have had great feedback from Ryedale residents already, who didn’t know about these ‘hidden’ paths, and we hope that it means more people can enjoy the beautiful walks we all love in Helmsley.”

There are plans to roll out similar schemes in other nearby towns such as Malton, Pickering and Kirbymoorside.