Dragonfly, My Garden

In this poem, John inspects a dragonfly and appreciates the history of the living fossil.

A contemporary of the dinosaur,
You filmy-winged insect emperor,
Hold you there, that I may peruse,
Thy ancient, graceful, fine sinews,
You living fossil from a bygone age,
The dawn of history thy heritage,
As you were then I see you now,
And in thy presence do rightly bow,
All aerial points are thine to cover,
Sideways, forward, reverse and hover,
All fliers pay homage at thy shrine,
There’s no airy skill can surpass thine,
Oh, how you with consummate ease,
Speed zig-zagging amidst the trees,
Leaving me to ponder on acts sublime,
Wonder of Nature and evolutionary time.

— John Davison