Doncaster Past and Present

He looks back to how Doncaster used to be compared to how it is now.

Woodcock, Bader, and Williams [Charlie] any amount of pubs to parley,
Tasty Nuttall’s oval Mintoes, ‘Parky’s’ Butterscotch, ‘Donny’s’ ‘rose’.
St George’s or Christchurch to pray, Hexthorpe Flatts for a lovely day.
In Roman ruins dig archaeologists, plus a great Museum for biologists.
Harvester’s and ‘Pilk’s’ Glass, Sprotbrough Canal where barges pass.
The Infirmary where care is sure, picnics on the green Town Moor.
Sheard Binnington for a cosy carpet, the Corn Exchange and Cattle Market.
Bemberg’s for a fabric warmer, that famous ‘bobby’ on Clock Corner.
An Open Market with stalls galore, with whatever folk were looking for.
For jewellery here’s Samuels, and a Doss House once for ne’er-do-wells.
The Flying Scotsman and Mallard faster, both made here in Doncaster.
Pegler’s Brass for shiny taps, the Army Stores suit sporting chaps.
Coal House to place fuel orders, Thomas Cook to cross foreign borders.
At Robin Hood ‘planes gladly plying, and a Vulcan bomber proudly flying.
Uppadines to cheer cyclist’s hearts, their clock entirely from cycle parts !
The Tank Factory on three shift rotas, ‘Cromps’ turned out electric motors.
A Theatre where top class acts, and a Library to study those obscure facts.
Wheatley Park, happy people boating, Travelling Fairs amusements toting,
Oh, those Fairs where merry youths, tried their luck in the Boxing Booths.
‘Donny’ is horses and St Leger, full of ‘winners’ the tipster’s ledger.
Here’s the iconic North Bridge, spanning The Plant’s curtilage.
With so many Collieries round about, Coal was King of that no doubt.
A Power Station, coal-fired too, safe and secure was the miners view.
A shopping Outlet tho’ fine it is, seems to lack the old bubble and fizz.
The By-Pass opened in ‘sixty one, hurt the town as trade moved on.
Such as Woolworths, Marks and Spencers, against supermarkets no defences.
Mayors numerous as a field of daisies, down the years from Veylle to Davies.
These some facts to muse upon, as ever quietly flows the Don !

— John Davison