On this day in Yorkshire: August 24th 2008- Tinsley Towers are demolished.

The famous “salt and pepper pots,” which stood proudly at the side of the M1 near Sheffield were finally demolished on this day in 2008.  The iconic Tinsley Towers had been part of the South Yorkshire skyline since 1942, when they were built along with five other towers at the Blackburn Meadows Power Station. In the 1960s the M1 motorway was built around the site while still in operation. The Power station was knocked down in the 1980s, leaving two remaining towers. These became iconic landmarks, with many Yorkshire folk claiming that upon seeing them meant they were home. It was a somewhat controversial, historic and for some, emotional moment when the day of their demolition came. People camped out from tea-time the previous day to witness this historic moment in the city’s history in nearby Meadowhall Car Park to witness the event at 3am on 24th August. Strangely, in an act of “defiance” from the towers there was still a chunk of the North tower remaining, which for two hours the authorities to decide what to do with! The end result was an iconic landmark and symbol of South Yorkshire’s former industrial prowess had gone forever.

Watch footage of the Tinsley Towers being demolished below.

Cover image credit: johnthescone wikipedia creative commons.