On This Day in Yorkshire- August 1st 1975- Beverley host the first ever modern Yorkshire Day..

Picture credit: Vernon Bardsey (IFY Community)

It was a dark day indeed on 1st April 1974, when the East Riding of Yorkshire were cast out into the wilderness of a new county called, “Humberside.” – and this was no April Fool’s joke..

From day one it became the mission of the Yorkshire Society to restore the land East of the Derwent back to its rightful inside the greatest county in t’land.

Although this would not be achieved for another 22 years, the first step was to reinvent a long since forgotten local tradition of celebrating “Yorkshire Day” on 1st August. It had been already celebrated in the British Army as “Minden Day,” which referred to the Battle of Minden in 1759, when soldiers in the Yorkshire regiments wore headdresses of white roses.

In 1975 the then Yorkshire Ridings Society made this into a day of celebration about all things related to the county they were no longer considered part of because of these boundary changes. Although it started off in protest, the day is now firmly marked on the calendars of Yorkies around the world.