On this Day in Yorkshire 6th August 1989- Rotherham’s Jive Bunny hits Number 1

Rotherham’s Jive Bunny brought rock n roll back to the top of the charts in 1989 Picture credit: Alan Fisher wikipedia public domain.

It introduced Rock n roll to a new generation and been played to death at wedding parties ever since..! Yes that’s right on this day in 1989, two South Yorkshire DJs, Les Hemstock and Andy Pickles hit the top o’ ‘it parade with their medley of famous rock n’ roll floorfillers from yesteryear; all fronted by a cartoon bunny. Through the long hot summer of 1989 people grooved away to the likes of Elvis, Bill Haley & the Comets and The Everley Brothers among others.The medley stayed at number 1 for five weeks before being knocked off the top spot by Black Box’s, “Ride on Time.” The dancing bunny wasn’t finished though and two more number ones followed later in the year with “That’s What I Like” and “Let’s Party.” Jive Bunny can still be seen at festivals and holiday camps across the UK.