On this day in Yorkshire: 1st October 1974: Hallam FM in Sheffield broadcasts for the first time.

Commercial radio came to the city of Sheffield in the shape of Hallam FM on this day in 1974. The first show was presented by DJ Johnny Moran and the first record played was “I’ve got the music in me” by Kiki Dee. Famously this stuck after one minute and a half! The original frequency for “Radio Hallam” was 194 AM/1548MW and 95.2FM. These changed in the 1980s to 97.4 in Sheffield, 102.4 in Barnsley and 103.4 for the rest of South Yorkshire and beyond. Hallam Fm still broadcasts from Sheffield City Centre to this day from new studios on Herried Road near the Hillsborough football ground.

This video is a short documentary about that opening day and that skipping turntable!


Cover image credit:Terry Robinson geograph wikipedia creative commons