Dahn In Yorksher

He amusingly describes Yorkshire pleasantry and compares it to ‘sum ould toff’.

Wenner Yorksherman oulds summat dear,
i weint speak like sum ould toff,
Sayin, “oh dear me, please leave it here,”
E simply sez, “gerroff.”

Annif i wants ner cumpny,
Bi sure i will impart,
Weeiz Yorksher pleasantry,
E simply sez, “gerrart.”

An wen i wants thi t be’ave,
i cud seh, “desist I do implore,”
Burra Yorksherman’s no time t crave,
E simply sez “gior.”

Annif iz person’s jeopardised,
Wi sum trick o stunt,
Eeaz two words, dunt bi s’prised,
E simply sez, “tha munt.”

Burrif wi thee i duz agree,
Annaz ner wish t feight,
E can bi so polite thall see,
E simply sez, “orreight.”

— John Davison