He writes in the Yorkshire dialect to tell us what is happening with the government and those reacting all around him.

Av sin moor budgits than thaz ad ot dinners,
Ivri one showin just wot’s innerz,
Aploordin this, scoornin that,
Wi ‘wise’ opinions, rat-a-tat-tat.
Guverments gloatin; ‘anuther fair one’,
Oppersitions snipin, ‘it’s orler con’,
Public brimmin wi ‘common sense’,
Yellin orlt answers from t’ ’experts’ fence.
Wi smug ‘wisdom’ duz ar motley throng,
Tell t’guverments weer the gooin wrong,
On ivri lip is cud, wud, shud,
Azzer billion ideas ‘n’ solutions flud.
Like t’pint pot weint ould er quaart,
Am glad itint me t soort things art,
Gimmi t’simple life instead,
The’ll bi arguin budgits wen am dead!

–John Davison