Another Tatie

Sometimes, John sent in memories of his past. This memory in particular is about a bonfire held by a friend named Joss Bramley and the excitement of it all.

May jog a few memories.

When Joss Bramley in York Street had a bonfire he had a right ‘un, he didn’t mess about! It was an ‘all the street’ invitation with not so much emphasis on fireworks as on good old fashioned warm-hearted enjoyment.

There were sacks of potatoes for roasting and pats of butter to go with them, heaps of roasted chestnuts, slabs of Mrs Bramley’s bonfire toffee, jugs of steaming cocoa, games for all, and singing to the accompaniment of paper and combs, and Alec Leyland’s cornet. Last but not least was old Guy Fawkes himself, burning merrily amid the sparks and smoke. This was before the war, remember, when wages were miserably low, so goodness knows how old Joss could afford it all. Goodness is the word for it, no mistake about that.

Chuck another tatie on, Joss!

John Davison